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  Canine Photo Sessions

Lets get inspired! Submit a Consultation request in box below

This will help us better understand your pet and the experience you desire


36 (2).JPG
Bruce 12.2015.jpg
            My Sweet Lacy


  • 30-45min 1 pup & their 2 Humans

  • 10 Retouched Digitals $333

  • +10 Documentary Style Images

  • Google Drive link emailed

  • 2, 8x10 or 1 11x14 Print

             Big Boy Bruce


  • 60-75min 1-2 Pups with Family

  • 20 Retouched Digitals $555

  • +20 Documentary Style Images

  • Mailed images on USB

  • $75 Credit for Specialty Prints


             Julie's Legacy 


  • 2hr+ Documentary Experience

  • 30 Retouched Digitals $777 

  • +40 Documentary Style Images

  • +Viewing Session Select Favorites

  • 11x14 Acrylic Photo Book

Travel fee If desired location is more then 15 miles from Pasadena, CA

Additional Pup/Human fee may apply if desired session doesn't include extra souls

Terminally ill Pet or their Human

$75 Tribute Specials to honor my Julies Birthday 7/5!


$75 Coupon: Sessions #1 or #2


 Viewing Session (Valued at $75)

There we select your personal favorites to be retouched

Order additional Digitals - Specialty Prints - Photobook  

Add on Deals

Viewing Session-  $75 Pick your favorites from session to be professionally enhanced

Place order for additional digitals, final prints and or photobooks

Documentary Digitals $222 Minimum of 40+ Additional Images

Lightly edited to highlight their essence of experience

Lucy 5th Pawty Pals01- 7.3.2021- Be Here Now Pet Photography.jpg

     Mini Pupparazi 

Little Special Moments: A birthday, park play, couch cuddles!

  • 30 Min $175 - 5 Retouched Digital Images Emailed

  Pupparazi Photo Play

Event Photography: Pet celebration & business event exposure

  • $300 per hour:  Documentary Edited Images of event : Digital Album

  • $500 2.5 Hour Best of Event documentary edited Images : USB Mailed

Within 10 miles of Pasadena

Out of area travel fee for further cities.

In Home Euthanasia

Coming soon! Partnering up with an end of life angel service

Photographing their loving spirit as they cross over with their family

Feline Photo Session

                Lovely Luna
  • 75 min. 1-2 Kitty with Family 
  • 20 Retouched Digital Photos $555
  • +20 Documentary Style Images
  • Mailed Images on USB Drive
  • $75 Credit for Specialty Prints

              The Shadow 


  • 2hr+ Hour Documentary Experience

  • 30 Retouched Digitals  $777

  • +40 Documentary Style Images

  • Viewing Session Select Favorites

  • 11x14 Acrylic Photo Book

Luna (3).JPG
Shadow (1).JPG
             Harley Purrsy
  • 45min. 1 Cat & their 2 Humans
  • 10 Retouched Digitals $333 
  • +10 Documentary Style Images
  • Google Drive link emailed

  • 2, 8x10 or 1 11x14 Print

Each package represents one of my inspirational animals

All three pups + Shadow cat have crossed the rainbow bridge

Each time I photograph I fill up with an abundance of gratitude
It's true.  Animals truly do leave paw prints in our hearts

Your paw pal photo day awaits!  
Let's chat about that

"Digital files are great and convenient.

Yet we work so hard to create a life that brings us joy.

For us pet parents, our paw pals are that spark

Each day we walk throughout our homes in pursuit of the next busy task.

Beautifully displayed pet photos will help you bring a daily dose of pawsitivity.

You stop for a moment and smile for feeling so grateful to have them in your life.

Perhaps you calm your breathe and take a break to embrace your furry companion.


When there is struggle, especially when they’ve crossed over the rainbow bridge

Their smile will bring out your inner bark, your inner hiss at times when needed most."

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