Client Reviews

Thankful for how we can connect with one another through storytelling. 

My clients reviews instill gratitude within my heart.

Estafny Ramirez "Tobys Photoshoot"

"I just wanted to thank you once again for giving me such an amazing opportunity to have my sweet boy photographed. You went above and beyond to get good shots of him and you truly cared about the pictures we were getting and not how much time was being spent. The pictures are wonderful and capture him exactly as the goofy, derpy dog that he is. Thank you for being so patient with him, I know he's a little high energy. Toby and I had a perfect photo shoot experience with you from start to finish and will definitely be seeing you again. You have given me something I'll always look back on fondly."

Cristina Mungia "Osos 12th Birthday"

The photos made me cry happy tears.

You have no idea what it meant to me. I will forever be grateful.

"OSO. I've been lucky and blessed to have you be my best friend for half of my life. We have played, grown, and loved for the past 12 years together. I have loved you since the minute I laid eyes on you and I know you have loved me too. You were the saddest puppy at the shelter and as soon as we left together, your mood completely changed because you knew we would be in love forever. Even though we do not speak the same language, we have developed this connection that I will never have with anyone else. You have such an amazing personality and I have loved to see you grow into the lazy old man you are now. Your sloppy kisses warm my heart every single day! I pray for many more years with you at my side Oso. Thank you to Melissa Carroll for reminding me to "Be Here Now" and enjoy every moment I have left with this handsome pup. And of course for the awesome photos! Te amo Osito, now and always:) VIVA la VIDA."

Espy "Siouxsie "

OMG, They look just beautiful!

Thank you for noticing us be ourselves.


"On Sunday Siouxie and I were on our way from class and stopped at EddiesWorld for some ice cream. Melissa asked if she could take our picture. I said yes and this is one of the three she took. If any of you Pet Mums live here in California, Melissa is who you want to take pictures of your fur babies."

Misty "Charley"

Easter Photobooth

"Omg! Thank you so much. We love the pictures. You did such a good job. Charley is a pretty funny girl who likes to dress up, although this is probably the most girly she has been. Charley and I look forward to next time. Thanks again"

Andrea "Calo, Missy & Gipsy" Valetnine Photobooth

"Love the photos! Thanks. Feel free to share them :)

I tagged you on Instagram.

Naomi "Kirby" Valetnine Photobooth

"Thank you so much, Melissa & Javier! I love it! My hubby & son will definitely love Kirby's pictures. I'll show them on Sunday. A very special birthday gift to Kirby's Auntie & Babysitter. Kirby loves you!"

Barbara "Luna"

Howl-O-Ween Photobooth

"Thank you! I've received the pictures. Thank you for the kind words in your email. I am definitely interested in having more pictures taken in the future. I rarely take pictures and I would love to have special photos of my family with Luna. You are incredibly talented."

Viance "Leo" 

Howl-O-Ween Photobooth

"Thank you so much for your patience with Leo.

We loved the pictures."

Rebecca "Mocha Pack" 

Santa Paws Photobooth

"These are great! Thank you so much for capturing our dogs so well!

Gimme Shelter Rescue

"Oh, those are just adorable. Wow, thanks a lot! They look great! I really like one close-up of the face plus the 2 full-body shots. These are all so awesome, Melissa, and will help us a lot!

Be Here Now

Pet Photography

Reflecting the Soul of Animals


"Be Here Now" is to enjoy the present moment and to not fear whats yet to come. Each animal creates a profound impact in our lives. They teach us to appreciate the little things within each day. It is an honor to share my childhood passions of Pet Photography with you. It brings me great joy to create beautiful photos that accurately represent your pets own unique spirit. It's imperative to instantly be able to feel that shared special connection long after crossing the rainbow bridge.

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