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Rainbow Bridge Recognition

2019 Animals that have crossed 

Espy & Siouxsie (1).JPG


"Hi Melissa. I don't know if you remember me but you took my picture with my baby Siouxsie. We were eating Ice Cream on our way back from Vegas. I just looked at the pictures literally thirty minutes ago and then I read your post. Thank you again for capturing our moment. She passed away in January and she's greatly missed but not forgotten."

Honored to have be driving out of a parking lot at the right time to photograph their special moment. So much love there.



Belonged to a childhood friend of mine. She and I reunited after many years had passed by spending quality time together with her pup. I couldn't resist the opportunity to photograph in her yard against her avacado tree. She was a playful shy model. Expressive as she posed in and out of the tree. Momma came out to give her some water and a sweet hug. I loved being able to photograph a huge part of my friends joy. To know her Diamond is no longer here to sparkle has her memory vividly sparkling within in my heart. 



On my first Day working for Skys the Limit Dog Walking/Pet Sitting service, I started with Angie and her brother Daniel. For 13 she carried herself with a contagious smile and very strong enthusiam. She always greeted me with a sweet smile and happy tail wag. During her last month of life she was resilient and put up a great fight and recovery. The last day I walked her days before she passed she gave me the opportunity for this photo. The sweetest smile with her eyes. She looked at me like "life has been great". I had a dose of Angie every week for half a year. She touched my heart and is genuinely missed.




I cared for Penny and her puppy sister  from Pet Setting at Sky's the Limit. She was an old spunky lady. Couldn't really see nor hear but she knew her home well by memory. She'd galloop across her yard with the sweetest bunny bounce. Penny had a sweet smile when patiently awaiting her food. Her nose worked well and she loved meal time. Our time together was brief but thinking of her brings a smile each time. 

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