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EZ Dog Wash, Duarte, CA

"When I moved to San Gabriel Valley Spring 2017. I'd take my senior 13 year old Golden, "Lacy"  into EZ Dog Wash so I could use their "Self Wash" Services. All supplies provided making it a much more comfortable and convenient way to wash your pup. With a slow start in my photography I later became a Dog Bather @ EZ Dog Wash. I felt so fortunate to be able to apply my Veterinary Assistant knowledge in helpful yet different away. I loved the open creative layout for Dogs to be groomed and bathed. Owners had the opportunity to make themselves at home on their couches or beside the bather. This assured even the most nervous a pup, peace of mind that Mom and Dad could be there for moral support. What struck me was how selfless and supportive Business owner Linda Alashti is. Linda has always been an enthusiastic supporter of my Pet Photography. Freely encouraging me to photograph during breaks while also telling our clients about my special services. When it was time to leave EZ to focus more on my craft she and I became closer as respectable entrepreneurs.

EZ Extended Care,

Duarte, CA

Summer 2019 Linda decided to lease the building next to EZ Dog Wash. She saw an opportunity to extended their pet services in a form of day care. She hired my Photography to decorate her beautiful location.

This is definitely a fun unique environment for your pup to hang out and be cared for. 

Sky's The Limit Pet Service,

Azusa, CA

K-9 Teeth Cleaning

Summer 2019 Linda decided to lease the building next to EZ Dog Wash. She saw an opportunity to extended their pet services in a form of day care. 

Go Team Therapy/ Crisis Dogs 

San Gabriel Valley/LA, CA

Gimme Shelter Rescue

"Oh, those are just adorable. Wow, thanks a lot! They look great! I really like one close-up of the face plus the 2 full-body shots. These are all so awesome, Melissa, and will help us a lot!

Be Here Now

Pet Photography

Reflecting the Soul of Animals


"Be Here Now" is to enjoy the present moment and to not fear whats yet to come. Each animal creates an impact in our lives. They teach us to appreciate the little things within each day. It's an honor to share my childhood passion of Pet Photography with you. It brings me great joy to create beautiful photos that accurately represent your pets own unique spirit. It's imperative to instantly be able to feel that shared special connection long after they've crossed their rainbow bridge.

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