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    ..Photoshoot Adventures..

Each photoshoot is a unique and enjoyable story to share
My Inspiration


We spent 11 years growing up together and I photographed our friendship until her last breath. She is my reason for following my heart to pursue my passion in pet photography.

To learn more about us click on my "Be Here Now" link up above.

One Picture Saves Lives

Mollly tragically witnessed her owner die and was left into boarding for months at the Animal Hospital I used to work for. The one providing for Molly couldn't financially afford to keep her at boarding and felt very little hope of getting her adopted since she hadn't had any luck. She came to me in tears asking if we could put her down and our staff disagreed but agreed to pay for Mollys boarding over the weekend while I tried to save her life. Thanks to social networking one picture of Molly got almost 8,000 shares and adoption applicants all over the world. Molly had been adopted by her foster family and lives an amazing life with her pit bull brother. She goes with her Daddy to his Doggy Day Care where he is a trainer there during the week. Molly touched my heart and made me realized that my photography can save innocent lives.

My rescued kitty was fading away
Shadow was my 1st cat that I rescued from my high school. She was flea infested, starving and wouldn't step into the sunlight but preferred to be in the shadows. She was a sweet talker who was always purring on my chest when I was going through the most difficult of times. At age 6 she was diagnosed with cancerous masses in her abdomen. Blood tests confirmed that she was anemic and would decline quickly. She started yellowing with Jaundice and within that day was withering away. I photographed Shadows spirit until the very end and am so glad I took so many photographs of her throughout the years because a long healthy life isn't always garunteed.
Bruce was a 8 year old English Springer Spaniel who suffered from severe seperation anxiety and was aggressive towards dogs. He was placed into boarding and I was asked to work with him because he was possibly going to put down like his sibling brother Marcus. He reminded me of Julie and to my surpise my other golden agreed and clicked with him right away.  Lacy is a very calm well mannered pup and Bruce felt safe enough to relax and lay down beside her when I wasn't in sight. He played fetch with his ball and Lacy would run beside him. Turns out Bruce is deaf due to ongoing chronic ear infections so by adopting him I had to learn sign language and teach Lacy the same. A year later his foster family couldn't believe that he was the same crazy dog they once knew.
"Trevor & Tanner"
Best Friends
Trevor was a good friend of my pup Julie. On my way home one day I saw Trevor and Tanner hanging out in the front yard. I had a gut feeling I should photograph them that day. Turned out the day before he had been diagnosed with terminal throat cancer. Within two weeks Trevor had passed away. I created a beautiful tribute video for Trevor.
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